Barbed blanket

You hold me ransom with your words
Tease with me with your false innocence
Pull me in with your fake sincerity

How foolish am I to believe what you say?
Yet here I am the joker again
Realising that it is impossible for anyone to love me

I’ve lost my way so many times
In this maze of inner turmoil and grief
That I no longer know how to navigate the pain

Life is so fleeting, gone so quick
Is it wrong to chase a rare shooting star?
To want that one moment of happiness?

I know now that not every hand offered
Is a hand that is unselfishly given
Yet I took yours willingly

When the light fades – and it always does
The darkness penetrates
Taking the dream away

And I’m left alone again
Knowing that it has always been me
That stupidly gives another piece of myself away.

~ Sherrie Dyer

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