As I reflect on my life

It is this that I note:

I have mourned, endured strife

I have laughed, I have cried.

I have loved, oh yes!

Too much some may say,

But I have loved all the more

And given it freely away.

I have offered myself fully

Without fear and without force,

My soul still bears the scars

But I don’t live with that remorse.

I have watched as loved ones leave

Unplanned and too soon,

Felt the sting of that rejection

With only time as the cure.

I have danced in the summer rain

Said “I do” under blooms and bows,

Cuddled my blessed newborn

And kissed her perfect fingers and toes.

I have started “from scratch”

– one too many times!

But built bigger and stronger

A life to be lived longer.

And now as I look back

I see who I’ve become:

A woman of substance,

A woman who has won.

~ Sherrie Dyer

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