The definition of dork

She is a dork

A big fat dork

A big fat silly dork

A big fat silly strange dork

A big fat silly strange but loving dork

A dork that is insecure

A dork that is vulnerable

A dork that seems to attract drama

A dork that puts her foot in it

A dork that doesn’t think things through

An impulsive dork

But a dork nonetheless

A big fat silly strange but loving dork

A big fat silly strange dork

A big fat dork

So, just a dork

~ Sherrie Dyer


As I reflect on my life

It is this that I note:

I have mourned, endured strife

I have laughed, I have cried.

I have loved, oh yes!

Too much some may say,

But I have loved all the more

And given it freely away.

I have offered myself fully

Without fear and without force,

My soul still bears the scars

But I don’t live with that remorse.

I have watched as loved ones leave

Unplanned and too soon,

Felt the sting of that rejection

With only time as the cure.

I have danced in the summer rain

Said “I do” under blooms and bows,

Cuddled my blessed newborn

And kissed her perfect fingers and toes.

I have started “from scratch”

– one too many times!

But built bigger and stronger

A life to be lived longer.

And now as I look back

I see who I’ve become:

A woman of substance,

A woman who has won.

~ Sherrie Dyer

Barbed blanket

You hold me ransom with your words
Tease with me with your false innocence
Pull me in with your fake sincerity

How foolish am I to believe what you say?
Yet here I am the joker again
Realising that it is impossible for anyone to love me

I’ve lost my way so many times
In this maze of inner turmoil and grief
That I no longer know how to navigate the pain

Life is so fleeting, gone so quick
Is it wrong to chase a rare shooting star?
To want that one moment of happiness?

I know now that not every hand offered
Is a hand that is unselfishly given
Yet I took yours willingly

When the light fades – and it always does
The darkness penetrates
Taking the dream away

And I’m left alone again
Knowing that it has always been me
That stupidly gives another piece of myself away.

~ Sherrie Dyer

To be

If I am to be who I must be
Then walk with me

If I am to achieve what I must achieve
Then fight with me

If I am to give what I must give
Then love me

If I am to accept what I must accept
Then forgive me

But don’t punish me with your words
That bite chunks from my flesh

Flog my shortcomings
Lest I forget

My sins are my own
I am accountable to none

No man is my judge
No bond my prison cell

Love me for me
My loyalty you will have won

If we are to become what we must become
We must stand as one.

I am

I am pain
I am grief
I am hurt
See my tears

I am despair
I am loneliness
I am hopelessness
Smell my confusion

I am loss
I am abandonment
I am self-loathing
Taste my bitter bile

I am anger
I am defensiveness
I am survival
Hear my roar

Yet I am still beauty
I am intimacy
I am authenticity
Touch my vulnerability

I am open to change
To be loved and to love
I have so much to give despite my brokenness
I am all of this. I am.

~ Sherrie Dyer ~

Breath of life

I think I can hear you breathing
A steady heartbeat
I think I hear you exhale
While you’re asleep

Safe and secure
Cocooned from the world
I imagine how your breath would feel
Against my weathered cheek

A miracle happens
Just once or twice
And a miracle
I know you are

Sleep tight my little one
Forever in my dream
Although I may never hold you
Know mommy is always near …

~ Sherrie Dyer ~


Pardon me
I know nothing
Every word out of my mouth is jest

Say something
I would rather not
When treated with ridicule, rebuke and contempt

Dare not
I test your patience
My own mind is not requested in this place

Do as I say
Programmed obedience is what is best

Following orders
Is what is called for
I’ve given up on being treated with respect

But in my heart
Is a rising blind rebellion
A revolution you unwittingly will get.

~ Sherrie Dyer ~


I imagined a lifetime
A lifetime to hold you
A lifetime of memories

I imagined there would be time
Time to watch you grow
Time to love you

I foresaw a future
A future of laughs and smiles
A future of happy memories

Although you were so small
And the world was yet to know you
I looked forward and saw it all

I saw you
I saw how much I already loved you
I saw how my life would never be the same without you

Now you are gone
Before my dreams materialised
And my life really isn’t the same with you gone.

~ Sherrie Dyer

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