A prayer to God

As my heart begins to bleed
I pray to you in earnest
that my voice you shall heed

I ask of you but nought
simply to listen to these words
and to guide me if you ought

I wallow in the loneliness to which I am prone …
but need I tell you this?
For it is to you, and you only, to which I shall these words own

I long and crave for companionship,
for warmth and laughter;
for I have known despair and hardship

She is desolate and cold
and hungry for all who are as I am;
and her prey in a grip of iron she does hold

So Dear Lord
I pray to you tonight
to endow upon me love which I can afford

To help me against those
who cannot understand what my true desires are,
that they one day will see …

You are almighty
you created me – my world
I beg you not to let it crumble around me.

By candlelight
I whisper to you this prayer

~ Sherrie Dyer

The Warrior

I feel free
Liberated in spirit
Unobstructed and weightless
My existence has been foretold
My life purposed into being

I have been anointed with prophetic oil
That dribbles down my head
In puddles at my bare feet
You have placed a crown on my head
Yet its thorns are roses
Budding whenever you are near

Where I walk
The stones have been removed
And the hard ground has yielded soft sand
I am a dynamo in the pious darkness
Challenges forces in a one-way duel
For I win every battle
That I undertake to lift my sword

When I fall
You are as a pillow to my head
I bow at your mighty throne
And praise your holy name
God above all Gods
The Great I Am.

~ Sherrie Dyer


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