Dear Lover

To my lover and mate
I pray you understand
the circumstances to which are my fate
I fear the ridiculer himself
for he cares nought of others
and solely of self
I fear the words of which
shall be spoken
but cannot halt the image
which tis not my token
I hide beneath acceptance
and hope that the ocean wave
will pass me by …
but ere comes the tide
and creep back it shall go
leaving nothing but sand –
sand and shells
shells and sand
staring eyes and outstretched hand
Strength is my pillar of salt
but tis this not my cup of flaw?
I live not for dare
but tis trouble that cares
for he shall seek out my softness and
my standing with a curved point pry
Tis Sheol that shall the door unlock
for in death is everything free!
This, Dear Lover,
shall my fate be.

~ Sherrie Dyer


I had you once
how sweet the memory
with youthful hopes
and a childlike itinerary

I lost you once
with aching regret
a wounding mistake
that fate won’t forget

I had you twice
your kisses were passion
your hands were fire
your eyes desire-fashioned

I lost you twice
being the fool of confusion
your memory is fresh
my doubts a delusion

I’ll have you thrice
our paths will cross
our destinies are one
and time will have lost

But lose you thrice
how stark the refusal!
our lives are intertwined
and my love unillusional

~ Sherrie Dyer

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