As I sit here silently crying
I feel the emptiness where
Your presence should be
I pray that I will
Never be as you were
Imprisoned by the overwhelming loneliness
A gull resting on the edge of the dock
With no thought to the ‘morrow
But only to the past

I hold your hand
I see your smile
I hear your voice …
“I’ll always love you”
Echoing against the walls
Resounding over and over and over

Why is it then that you left me?
As a father you did wrong,
As a man you did wrong,
Yet you are perfect in every way
Forever etched in the embankments of my memory.

The one and only you will ever be.

~ Sherrie Dyer
(Written in memory of my father:
Terrence (Terry) Lynford Dyer, 2 Mar 1949-5 Jun 1995)


I had you once
how sweet the memory
with youthful hopes
and a childlike itinerary

I lost you once
with aching regret
a wounding mistake
that fate won’t forget

I had you twice
your kisses were passion
your hands were fire
your eyes desire-fashioned

I lost you twice
being the fool of confusion
your memory is fresh
my doubts a delusion

I’ll have you thrice
our paths will cross
our destinies are one
and time will have lost

But lose you thrice
how stark the refusal!
our lives are intertwined
and my love unillusional

~ Sherrie Dyer

A forgotten woman

She sits in the gloom
Shallow breaths
Exploring the creases of an image

Smiling faces fill the frame
Tender glances
Unspoken words
A sense of childlike happiness

The bare room
Overflows with rainbows
Golden hues of sunsets
And silver tinges of forgotten nights

Laughter envelops her
Surrounding her with
Whispers of enchantment
Gleeful contentment

Icy fingers mercifully unwrap
Flooding torrents of warmth
Paralyse her body
As a gentle tug eases her from mortality

~ Sherrie Dyer

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