In the silence that encumbers my heart
I see only your face
In the darkness that shadows my nights
I feel only your presence
But ‘tis distanced
Galaxies bearing the awayness of touch
Do you feel my thoughts?
Which ‘tis only of you –
Longing for your return, longing forth to you
Yet still I bleed
For it is my insecurities
That binds this book loosely.
Is it I that you burn for?
Banish these questions!
They haveth not place
But weak is he who ponders forth,
Thus salted is me
For ‘tween flame and ash I wonder
Driving my soul into that of frenzy
Banish these thoughts!
I haveth not time
I pray to you, highest Lord
Deliver him safely to the bosom of my love.

~ Sherrie Dyer

Beautiful Blogger Award

I feel acknowledged
Inspired by the accolade
Given to me by Bloody Endurance – Tale of an Endurance Warrior

Beautiful Blogger Award nominationThank you so much for nominating me for the “Beautiful Blogger Award”.  To be nominated by my peers is more recognition that I could ever ask for!

When receiving this nomination, I need to first nominate other blogs I feel are deserving of praise, and additionally, I need to list seven random facts about myself. 

First things first, I nominate:

  1. helenvalentina
  2. A Shade Of Pen
  3. Babylon Fall

All three are poets that I follow, support and admire.

Seven random things about Poetizing (that’s me!):

  1. I started writing poetry as far back as I can remember. It goes without saying that each poem is intensely personal and to me, is akin to a photo snapshot of where I am in my life.
  2. I struggle with low self-esteem, depression and insecurity. Thus, I consider myself a true “tortured poet” as these attributes are often the very drivers that inspire my poems.
  3. I lost my father to suicide at the age of 17.  Writing poetry is my way of honouring his memory.
  4. I am a backslidden Christian – but I am getting back on the narrow and winding path to Jesus.
  5. When I am not indulging my first love, i.e. to write, I love singing and reading.
  6. I have very strong views on alcohol and drugs – possibly because my father and Gran were alcoholics, and have seen many friends afflicted with substance abuse.
  7. I have a very small circle of family and friends as I share the truly intimate parts of my life with very few people.

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