Owner of hearts

I have lived for so long
Waiting to share my life with you
Longing to the day
We would become one

I believed your whispered confessions of love and loyalty
Yet I shy from the realisation that
Your words have been clever stories
Laced with deception and betrayal

My heart grows weary with
Every shed tear and false hope
For you cannot love
You know not how to

Your love is only that which is lustful and selfish
You toy with emotions as a destructive child
Yet weep when you acknowledge
That I am gone

I am a victim to your predatory skills
Wanting nothing more than your touch
Willing you to love me again
But I know that cannot be

You have already left me
Alone and wounded
In my own private darkness
Of despair and rage

Alone with the memories
Of what could’ve been
Alone with the damaged anger that
Slowly fuels me to awake to the present

Yes, I will not continue to retrace this cycle
But I know that you will want me again
And in this future
It will be I to tell tall tales …

~ Sherrie Dyer

Second chances

They say love comes only once
A fool-hearted tendency
They say happiness is a state of mind
But how can I agree?

For love has given me a second chance
The day I first met you
My broken heart has been healed
I feel I’ve begun anew

Who would’ve thought we would find each other
Years down the line
Just when we felt love was a myth
And we had missed all the signs!

So here we are – two hearts as one
Our lives intertwined
Loneliness and heartbreak gone
And our hopes and dreams combined

~ Sherrie Dyer


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